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We sell Packing Materials such as:

  • Standard Boxes in many sizes

  • Specialty Boxes for books, dishes, mirrors, electronics, even flat-screen TVs

  • Wardrobe and clothing boxes

  • Paper and cushion wrapping

  • Tape and supplies

  • Hand Truck & Dolly rental


Packing Tips

If you do your own packing: 

  • Label all cartons with their basic contents and designated room.

  • Seal each carton securely with packing tape and make sure items are well padded.

  • Pack lamp shades in separate cartons.

  • Wrap dishes separately. Nest cups and bowls with paper separating them.

  • Secure movable parts, drawers, and racks on appliances.

  • Defrost the refrigerator / freezer (start two days before moving).

  • Pack heavy things in small sturdy boxes.

  • Do not use newspaper to wrap fine china or lamp shades — the ink can smudge your items.

  • Use specially designed containers for packing mirrors or framed pictures.

  • NEVER move flammables, aerosol cans, caustic materials, or explosives!

Here is more information about consumers' rights when hiring a moving company. It answers many questions about what to expect with your move:


Moving Checklist

  • Take a full inventory of items you will be moving.

  • Have a garage or rummage sale to get rid of unwanted items.

  • Return all library books.

  • Notify the following of your new address 1 month before you move: Post Office, Magazines, Banks, Insurance Companies, Charge Accounts, Employers.

  • Prepare a family survival kit: Prescriptions, flashlight, paper plates & plastic serving ware, paper towels, important phone numbers, towels, soap, first aid kit, alarm clock, can opener, maps, etc.

  • Arrange cut-off dates for utilities and phone.

  • Obtain a sufficient supply of prescriptions to last through the move.

  • Don't forget about the attic or other "forgotten" storage spaces!

  • Keep a record of your moving expenses.

  • Have your children pack a "survival kit" of toys for the trip ahead.

  • Make sure your Big Brother Moving representative knows where to contact you during the move .

Moving with Kids

A positive attitude and spirit of adventure can help children feel more comfortable with the entire moving process. A surprise can be a shock, so tell the children about the move as soon as your plans are definite. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make moving a game for young children.

  • Hang up a map of your new city or a photo of your new house.

  • Plan a special activity immediately after the move.

  • Plan a farewell party for the kids and their friends.

  • Encourage exchanging phone numbers or email addresses so they can stay in touch with their friends.

Moving your Pets

  • Check your new community's animal licensing requirements.

  • Have vet records forwarded or take them with you.

  • Remember pet food and water for the moving trip!